25 years full of passion for software

Veröffentlicht am 24.05.2022

Together with Christoph Spielmann, Manfred Hoffbauer founded trinidat Software-Entwicklung GmbH on May 20, 1997. Started 25 years ago as a two-man company, trinidat has grown steadily since then. Today, more than 40 employees develop individual software solutions.

Floppy disks and databases

It’s 1997: The Internet is still in its infancy or on a landline modem. IT experts meet at the Cebit in Hanover and the CD-ROM is just about to replace the floppy disk as a data carrier. At the Wehrhahn in Düsseldorf’s city center, two computer experts set out at this time to launch a successful company history. In May 1997, the time has come: trinidat is founded.

Christoph Spielmann and Manfred Hoffbauer had known each other for several years by then. They had already discovered their passion for software development as teenagers and programmed in machine language on the C64. After meeting at a university event in Essen in 1990, they both published more than 20 successful reference books on Microsoft Access starting in 1991. The database expertise of the specialist authors also attracted the attention of companies: Hypothekenbank in Essen AG inquires with the young developers and wants to have a database programmed with Access. This gives the starting signal for the foundation of a GmbH (limited liability company).

Already at the turn of the millennium, the young company really takes off. With the introduction of the new .NET platform from Microsoft, trinidat also develops further and in 2001 launches the first web application developed with .NET for a major German airline.

Turmoil, growth, setting the course

As successful as the first years were, in 2003 the crisis of the “new market” hit trinidat hard. But the founders fight for their young company – and save trinidat. “Since then, our sales have increased year after year,” says a delighted Christoph Spielmann. Back on track, trinidat continues to develop in the years that follow. Ten years after its founding, the company employs 10 people for the first time. In 2008, the company breaks a new record and increases its turnover to over 1 million euros.

And trinidat continues to grow: in 2011, the team has already grown to more than 20 employees. One year later, trinidat has its first trainee, who starts his training as an IT specialist for application development, successfully completes it and then stays on at trinidat.

Turnover and relocation

It’s 2014: Germany’s soccer players become world champions, trinidat achieves annual sales of over 1.5 million euros and moves into new offices on Benrather Straße in the heart of Düsseldorf.

In parallel to the company’s growth, trinidat positions itself even more professionally. Since 2016, trinidat has been certified as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. With a new software consultant, customer requirements for individual software can now be addressed even better.

In the following years, the company continues to develop and expand its portfolio. In 2018, the first CMS (Content Management System) developed by trinidat is launched. Only a little later, trinidat also releases its first standard software – a digital time recording system, which has also been used internally ever since.

Home office and office floor

The new decade also begins for trinidat under the sign of the Corona pandemic. The team now works mostly from the home office. “Digitalization@Home has been running completely smoothly and seamlessly for us ever since,” says Christoph Spielmann. At the same time, trinidat continues to grow and rents another office floor at the new company location for this purpose.

In May 2021, trinidat strengthens its management with Tobias Geisler. The managing director of a younger generation supports customers in their digitization projects and heralds a careful generational change in the company’s management. With him, nothing stands in the way of the next 25 years full of passion for software and a successful company history.

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