In these cases it only works with desktop applications

Veröffentlicht am 25.11.2021

Why desktop applications have a future:

Until a few years ago, desktop applications were the standard. Today, desktop software is being replaced more and more by web applications. But there are some good reasons for using desktop software.

Work offline: Desktop applications can be used offline, without an Internet connection. While modern web applications are only available online, desktop applications can be used wherever there is no or only weak Internet.

Control hardware: Another advantage of desktop software is the available interface to hardware and peripheral devices. It can be used to control and commission machines and devices such as digital valves or linear controllers. This is because desktop applications are compatible with hardware, unlike most web applications.

A desktop application shows its advantages when work has to be done offline and hardware has to be controlled via the software.
In many other cases, however, it is only the second choice. This is because desktop software also has some disadvantages compared to web applications.

Installation: Desktop applications must be installed separately on each computer. In companies with many employees, this can be an enormous effort. Web applications, on the other hand, are easily available online anytime and anywhere without installation.

Operating system: Every desktop application is first developed for one operating system, such as Windows or MacOS. Even if the application is adapted to other operating systems, its operation often remains cumbersome and takes some getting used to.

Maintenance effort: While web applications receive central updates, desktop software must always be updated on the PC on which it is installed. This drives up effort and costs.

We’ve compiled more information about the pros and cons of desktop applications in a wiki post for you.

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