Innovative software turns the charging pause into quality time

Veröffentlicht am 01.09.2022

In June, the first bk World opened its (fully automated) doors in Endsee, Bavaria, revolutionizing long-distance travel by electric car. The idea: In extensively equipped charging oases, the so-called Qubes, electric car drivers can actively use the waiting time during the charging break. The offering of the first bk World is fully designed to meet the real needs of users: From cozy lounge areas and regional food and beverage offerings to office corners, meeting rooms and a children’s play area, the Qubes offer everything for a waiting time with Quality Time.

To enable users to make the most of this quality time, the bk Group commissioned trinidat to develop custom-fit software solutions that make the operation of the lounges as unique and user-friendly as possible.

For the project, trinidat had to overcome a number of challenges: In just three months, the team of developers led by Tim Altmann and Julian Nettesheim designed and developed a number of innovative software solutions in cooperation with the bk Group and the companies involved.


Door opening via app

The bk World app developed by trinidat is particularly practical for bk World users. Designed as a progressive web app (PWA), customers can open the PWA directly in their browser. Automatic door opening is also based on software specially developed by trinidat, which can integrate any number of door modules.

Interior view 2

In addition, trinidat programmed software that links all the products and services offered in the Qubes to the webshop. There, customers can simply buy selected products online and then take them out directly in the lounge using a QR code. Currently, a booking function for the integrated meeting rooms is still being programmed via the web interface. In the future, it will also be even easier to pay for other third-party products directly in the app.

bk World plans to open 300 locations across Europe within the next five years.

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