DMO Deutsche Modellsportorganisation GmbH & Co. KG

Reprogramming of the existing customer and contract management as a web application

The Deutsche Modellsportorganisation GmbH (short DMO) offers insurances around model sports for copter, drones as well as airplane, ship and car models.

In 2017, TriniDat Software-Entwicklung GmbH replaced the existing Access application for managing customers and insurance contracts with a modern and reliable web application. In order to achieve maximum security for de DMO in terms of quality, costs and deadlines, the development was carried out in the classic manner according to the waterfall model with the following steps:

Analysis and documentation of the functions of the existing Access database and the existing data model.
Close coordination with the customer regarding functions that were no longer required and new functions.
Creation of an implementation concept with a description of all functions of the new web application.
Development of a strategy for the transfer of data from the existing Access application.
Calculation of the effort and coordination of a schedule.
Programming of the software and the data transfer functions.
Quality assurance.
Introduction of the new software including data transfer.
Support during the introduction.
The particular challenge here was the seamless transition from the old to the new software, especially with regard to the due dates of the insurance premiums, which are regularly collected by direct debit from the customers’ bank accounts. Thanks to the precise planning of the new software, the development of testable functions for data transfer and an extensive test, the introduction went smoothly.

The result is a modern and future-proof web application with high reliability and optimal data security.


Microsoft .NET, C#
Microsoft SQL-Server