DURA Automotive GlobalSIS

DURA Automotive is a global automotive supplier with more than 12,000 employees and headquarters in Michigan, USA. The company specializes in the development and manufacture of driver control systems and other components for vehicle production, such as seat systems and structures, mechanical assemblies, door modules and glass systems. These parts are produced for cars, tractors, trucks and buses as well as for applications ranging from agriculture to the military.

Customized software solution

For a better overview of past sales data and the possibility of creating forecasts of parts to be produced in the future, DURA was looking for a software solution. Since the requirements were very specific and could not be covered by the purchase of standard software, an individual solution was to be considered. On the one hand, the application was to be used to manage the customer profiles. The second, and thus greatest, benefit was to be provided by the application’s ability to generate reports based on the available sales data.

Implementation of the software solution

At the beginning of the project phase, DURA provided a requirements document in which the desired basic functionalities of the application were listed and explained. In meetings further information could be obtained, which was important for the conceptual design and later implementation of the software solution. On the basis of these first of all the production of a realization concept followed, in which screen drafts and descriptions of functionalities of the application which can be developed were taken up. The programming of the application could then be carried out on the basis of the realization concept.

Forecast Software

For DURA, trinidat has developed the web application “GlobalSIS”, which is used worldwide. This is used to manage and maintain targets, inquiries and orders. The desired customer profiles can be created and managed via the application. Based on the basic data of “GlobalSIS”, individual reports can be created and on the basis of these, the forecast for the car parts to be produced in the future can be established.

Based on the data from “GlobalSIS”, the annual five-year plans are created, which are the basis for determining the capacities required for production.

The software offers a complex reporting module that includes scenarios of future market changes such as steel price increases, changes in unit volumes and exchange rate fluctuations. These scenarios can be compared and serve as a basis for business decisions.

trinidat has now been developing the “GlobalSIS” web application for more than 15 years, and during this time has also completed other projects.
After the successful deployment of the application at DURA, a maintenance contract was concluded for it. Even after more than 15 years of using the application, changes and innovations are still being made to the software solution. These are implemented through an agreed hourly quota by the agile programming.

Software Technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET, C#
  • IIS
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Microsoft SQL-Server
  • SAP Anbindung