Emerson Sempell

Web application for the design of shut-off and safety valves for Sempell GmbH

Sempell GmbH is a subsidiary of Emerson Automation Solutions and stands for customized solutions for the most demanding requirements in steam systems. The control, safety and shut-off valves are used to generate steam, which is incredibly important for the safe and economical operation of a wide range of industrial and process engineering processes.

To meet the high demands for reliability, accuracy and flexibility of steam applications, Sempell Steam Solutions designs the required valves tailor-made for a technical system. This involves extensive calculations, which in the past were carried out partly manually and partly by an outdated Visual Basic program in the form of a desktop application.

In cooperation with TriniDat, the design process was converted to a modern web application. What used to be managed in individual files is now handled by a modern, multilingual web application that is used worldwide. This contains both comprehensive project management and the complete calculations for the design of safety and shut-off valves. A module for control valves is to follow.

This allows international teams to work together on projects, sizing valves and generating sizing reports. Projects can be shared with other users or edited privately. The tool can be used by both sales staff and technical experts. The latter can use special settings and thus also edit constants or display ranges for a design.

TriniDat worked closely with Emerson Sempell to perform and implement the UX design for the web application. The calculations were both extracted from the old program through refactoring and to a significant extent redesigned and adapted to current conditions. This was made possible by close cooperation between the development and business departments. Already during the development process, existing processes could be optimized or the database could be updated. The use of a database also makes it possible to expand the product range in the future without any problems.

Emerson Sempell thus has a web application that can be used in sales and also in the technical departments. Later, an interface to the ordering system will also follow. This will save Emerson Sempell’s sales and technical staff time, which they can use for consulting and thus for the benefit of customers. Also planned is the ability to import and export designs. This will allow lists of designs to be edited, sent and imported in csv format independently of the application.

Hosting of the web application is done with Microsoft Azure, i.e. in the cloud. Due to its scalability, the system is therefore also equipped for growing demands in the future.


Microsoft .NET ASP.NET MVC
Microsoft SQL-Server