Parker Hannifin GmbH

Digitalization of hydraulic valve commissioning

Parker Hannifin GmbH is a leading global supplier of motion control technologies. Parker Hannifin GmbH’s hydraulic valves are used successfully in many areas of industry, particularly in aerospace, air conditioning and electromechanics.

A hydraulic valve consists of control electronics and a mechanical unit, the actual valve. In order to be optimally adapted to the customer-specific application, the control electronics must be parameterized. Whereas a specially trained technician was previously required for this process, parameterization can now be carried out using the service tool developed by trinidat for Parker.

This is a Windows desktop application that allows technicians to prepare digital valves for commissioning and delivery to the customer. The formerly complex process can be performed effortlessly via a user-friendly UI. At the heart of the application is a database that holds the standardized parameter sets for the control electronics of the various digital valves.

The control board of a digital valve is connected via the serial interface. The communication between the digital valve and the “service tool” allows easy transmission of the parameter sets for the recognized control electronics. With the transferred parameter sets, nothing more stands in the way of commissioning the digital valve.

In this project, trinidat’s employees again proved that they are able to familiarize themselves with complex technological processes and implement them in the form of easy-to-use software. Since the software was developed individually for Parker at a fixed price, Parker Hannifin GmbH has an unlimited number of licenses and can use and further develop the product as it wishes. trinidat has made a further contribution to the digitalization of industry.


  • Microsoft .NET, C#
  • WPF
  • Microsoft SQL Server