SMA Solar Technology AG

Sunny Design

SMA Solar Technology AG is the leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology from private solar systems to megawatt PV power plants.

“Sunny Design” is a software for planning and designing PV plants and PV hybrid systems. Via “Sunny Design” one receives a design recommendation for the planned PV plant or for the planned PV hybrid system. For this purpose, the software suggests a combination of PV generator(s) and inverter(s) that comes closest to the wishes in terms of performance class, energy yield and economic efficiency.

trinidat first developed a version of “Sunny-Design” for SMA in 2010. Initially only as a Windows desktop variant (with WPF). Later a web version followed, which is continuously developed until today. The graphically complex application is available online also for non-registered users:

You can find more information in our case study SMA



Microsoft ASP.Net MVC, AngularJS
Microsoft SQL-Server