Why you should modernize your software now!

Veröffentlicht am 18.11.2021

Modernize your software before it’s too late!

At some point, every piece of software reaches a point where the application is no longer up to date and can cause significant problems. Security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, and poor performance lead to user frustration and, in the worst cases, even legal problems for the company.

8 reasons why you should modernize your outdated software now:

1. more security: outdated software poses a security risk. For example, if the application is tied to an execution platform that has security vulnerabilities. When working with customer data, the software used should be urgently updated.

2. better performance: efficient business processes require high-performance software. Legacy systems often become too slow over time to keep up with operational processes. Reason: over time, sometimes huge amounts of data accumulate, which can overload the old software.

3. no loss of knowledge: in some cases, the further development of the software depends on one person, for example the programmer in the company. If this knowledge falls away, the software often cannot be renewed. In this case, comprehensive reengineering of the old application helps.

4. Ready for digitization: automated production and AI-supported customer service? Your old software is no longer keeping pace with digitalization? Often existing software can be modernized to meet all requirements for digital business processes.

5. good user guidance: nothing is more annoying than software that is complicated to use. Today, users are used to intuitive controls. Poor usability frustrates employees and slows down work.

6. secure handling of customer data: Beware of data protection issues! Outdated software is sometimes no longer able to meet new legal requirements for data protection. Important: According to the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies are responsible for always using software that is state of the art and meets all data protection requirements.

7. Permanent compatibility: Everything changes, only the software stays the same. When new IT systems control company processes, the old software must also keep pace. Otherwise, the application slows down business growth.

8. latest technology: it’s high time for software modernization if your application depends on outdated technology. If the software is based on a discontinued version of Windows, it needs to be modernized urgently.

In addition to these 8 reasons for software modernization, there are other good arguments for modernizing software. Often, modernizing existing software is cheaper and faster than a complete new development.

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