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billerbeck Betten-Union:

Lean processes in product data management.

Customized product information management software saves time and costs
Lean processes in product data management.

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Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Japan

The company

The billerbeck Betten-Union GmbH & Co. KG is a traditional manufacturer of high-quality bedding products based in Kraichtal.

Since 1921 billerbeck has been manufacturing comforters, pillows, toppers, mattresses and other bedding products with selected filling materials and cover fabrics. The company operates worldwide and has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Hungary, Austria and Japan.

The task

The billerbeck Betten-Union GmbH & Co. KG is the market leader in the bedding sector in Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. In the past, the company used various standard software solutions for article management of its extensive product range. In 2018, billerbeck commissioned trinidat to develop a customized product information management software (PIM) as a web application.

The goals:

  • Less effort in product data management
  • Simplified adjustment of prices and availabilities
  • One software for 5 international locations
The task Hintergrundgrafik
The challenge

The challenge

The previous standard software solutions no longer matched billerbeck’s requirements and workflows and were also poorly integrated into the existing IT system. This led to unnecessary costs and additional effort for necessary adjustments. In addition, the new lean PIM needed to be multilingual and usable from all international locations and enable agile cost calculation.

The challenge Hintergrundgrafik

The solution

The software developers at trinidat designed a custom-fit PIM as a web application with Microsoft .NET Core 3.1. The PIM offers a configurable attribute system that can manage diverse items with different attributes. For example, billerbeck’s mattresses can be managed according to various product attributes, such as the degree of firmness. In addition, article variants can be entered according to color, shape and size and edited in the PIM. Additional images and videos can be saved for each article. An individually developed additional separate workflow system makes data maintenance child’s play. It supports every step of the process – from the creation of an article to the completion and maintenance of all data and prices to the publication in a store system. All article data is entered in multiple languages. This means that all international locations can work centrally with the company-wide PIM software. Thanks to the connection to the online translation service DeepL, product information is largely translated automatically into 7 languages.

The solution

Another special feature is the calculation module, in which the raw materials and production steps of all products are stored. When a raw material price or the electricity costs are changed, an automatic contribution margin calculation is performed for all affected articles. Thus, all articles whose contribution margin falls below a threshold value are automatically determined so that, for example, the sales price can be adjusted.



  • Budget optimized:
    No expensive license fees

  • Scalability:
    Uniform and scalable software for all international locations

  • Enhanced:
    Easy integration of new program functions

» The software is tailored exactly to our requirements and we can actively shape its further development. We now have a license-free application that optimally controls our relevant business processes. «
Thomas Ermert,
Managing Director, billerbeck

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