Software Modernization for Excellent Customer Service

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Software Modernization for Excellent Customer Service


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The company

The bk Group AG is active throughout Europe as a general contractor for turnkey property development and as a facility management specialist. The market leader has successfully completed more than 10,000 projects in over 20 years.

The bk Group offers, among other things, the maintenance and support of retail stores for well-known companies in the fashion and clothing industry from all over Europe. The activities of the company, which is headquartered in Bavaria, include not only expansion but also regular service appointments, maintenance and repairs in customers’ stores.

The task

The bk.ServiceCenter is a customer and information platform that provides customers of the bk Group with an overview of all activities occurring and carried out in the branches at any time.

The software also allows customers to place orders, approve repairs or enter other tasks in an integrated ticket system. The software had some weaknesses. In particular, performance was not satisfactory. Due to the old-fashioned user interface and poor usability, the software was not accepted by the bk Group’s customers.

trinidat was commissioned by the bk Group to modernize and further develop the existing bk.ServiceCenter software.

The goals:

  • Increase the performance of the software
  • Modernize the visual appearance and user interface
  • Create a scalable software platform for digitized service processes
The task Hintergrundgrafik
The challenge

The challenge

The trinidat team had to overcome several challenges in order to achieve the set goals quickly and cost-effectively.

In order to significantly improve the poor performance of the old software, the team worked its way into the third-party source code and the existing data model of the software. The biggest challenge was that no documentation was available and the previous service provider could not be contacted.

The challenge Hintergrundgrafik

The solution

In the first step, trinidat improved the performance of the software by optimizing the source code and queries. Subsequently, the software was converted to a modern three-layer architecture through refactoring. 

The result was significantly higher stability. This was particularly important because the software is used by the bk Group’s customers and should reflect the bk Group’s high quality standards. The changeover to the three-layer architecture significantly reduced the susceptibility to errors and at the same time created the basis for future further developments. After these first urgent software modernizations, the bk.ServiceCenter gradually received new and useful features: A tidy overview now shows the status of all objects managed by the bk Group throughout Europe at a glance. In addition, users receive helpful information on tickets, maintenance dates and protocols. For this purpose, trinidat has re-implemented the database query so that search results including filter function are displayed without delay.

Dashboard including practical filter functions
The solution

» The changeover to the three-layer architecture has significantly reduced the susceptibility to errors «

Christoph Spielmann,
managing director of trinidat

trinidat also modernized the previously slow and confusing dashboard, including practical filter functions. “To integrate usable and scalable new functions into the software, we designed modern controls as well as heading effects to make the software intuitively controllable. Afterwards, we freed the old program code from legacy issues and brought it up to date,” says Christoph Spielmann, managing director of trinidat.

Thanks to its completely new look and feel, the customers of the bk Group now benefit from the high user-friendliness of the bk.ServiceCenter. On the dashboard, they can see all the properties in Europe on a clear map, call up basic information on each managed branch via mouseover, and organize all technician and maintenance appointments centrally. Individual branches can be found in a matter of seconds using the built-in filter function. In addition, route planning, cost overviews and inventory reports can be exported completely with one click, or filtered as desired.

» The changeover to the three-layer architecture has significantly reduced the susceptibility to errors «

Christoph Spielmann,
managing director of trinidat

The new look and feel guarantees a high level of user-friendliness


  • Optimal performance:
    The software runs stable and fast

  • Intuitive user guidance:
    The software is completely usable without prior training

  • Modern user interface:
    Customers like working with the software

  • Service-oriented software architecture:
    The application can be scaled and further developed


With the software modernization by trinidat, the bk Group received a modern and powerful software that is perceived extraordinarily positively by the customers. The bk.ServiceCenter has thus been transformed from a problem software into a flagship for the bk Group’s performance and excellent customer service.

» The feedback from our customers on the new bk.ServiceCenter has been consistently positive and we are pleased to now be able to use this great communication tool even more effectively in our collaboration. It enables both our customers and us to work together more efficiently and very transparently throughout. «
Patricia Riegeler,
European Sales Manager, bk Group
Patricia Riegeler

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