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The professional society

The German Society of Cardiology – Heart and Circulation Research (DGK), headquartered in Düsseldorf, is a non-profit scientific medical society with more than 11,900 members today. The goals of the DGK include the promotion of science in the field of cardiovascular diseases, the organization of conferences, the education, training and continuing education of members and the preparation of guidelines.

Guideline Manager:

As a scientific medical society, the DGK assumes a number of tasks to improve healthcare in the field of cardiovascular diseases. This includes, among other things, the preparation of binding guidelines that describe concrete instructions for physicians on how to approach specific cases of disease. These guidelines are written by several medical specialists and are always filled with the latest scientific findings and procedures. Before new and updated guidelines are published, they must be reviewed and approved by committees. Only then can these guidelines be published for physicians.

Certification database:

Another area of responsibility of the DGK is the granting of certificates for certain treatment and diagnostic methods to institutions and sites. The certification of an institution ensures that it works according to the current state of scientific knowledge. For patients, this offers the possibility of being referred directly to a suitable institution or site for their condition. The patient is thus transferred to a facility that is specially equipped for the disease and thus receives the best possible treatment.

The task

In 2015, the DGK commissioned trinidat to develop software solutions for the guideline manager and the certification database. In order to support the staff of the DGK and the authors of the guidelines in the creation and updating of guidelines and the release of these, individual software was to be developed that is uniformly easy to use for all participants (internal and external). The previously used standard software could no longer keep up with the growth of the DGK and the increasing demands on guideline production. What was needed was a uniform software that could be agilely adapted to the specific processes of the DGK, simplify data management, and reduce the susceptibility to errors in the guideline creation process.

For the certification database, the previously used standard software (Excel) was to be programmed as a new web application available at any time and from any device. In particular, the software should enable more efficient use of resources, for example, default settings and automated reminders. In addition, the application should provide a central overview of current, completed and pending certifications.

Here, too, custom software was needed to handle the regularly increasing requirements in the certification process more efficiently than before.

The goals:

Guideline Manager

  • Uniform and configurable web application
  • Support of DGK staff in the coordination of guidelines
  • Error prevention and more efficient collaboration with external physicians

Certification database

  • More efficient processing of certifications
  • Central overview of ongoing and completed certifications
  • User-friendly web application that is available to the DGK and medical institutions at all times and worldwide on all devices
The task Hintergrundgrafik
The challenge

The challenge

DGK chose trinidat as its software partner in 2015. In addition to the technical expertise in the development of individual software, the regional proximity and the concrete and cooperative approach of trinidat were decisive. The need for smart software solutions for the guideline manager and the certification database was urgent, as the DGK and its scope of tasks had grown continuously and was still growing. The consequence was broader processes in the handling of guidelines and certifications and a heavy workload for the responsible clerks. The Excel spreadsheets or applications such as MS Sharepoint used previously no longer helped. Particularly when it came to integrating external partners for certifications, such as physicians and healthcare facilities, the poor performance and complicated operation of the previously used software prompted the development of individual software solutions.

The challenge Hintergrundgrafik

The solution

trinidat first created an implementation concept that brought together all relevant processes, specifications, and the requirements profile for a viable software solution. The guideline manager was programmed as a web application available at any time and from any device. This facilitates coordination between DGK and guideline authors. Smart functions guide authors and DGK staff fluidly and error-free through the process %E2%80%93 from drafting %C3%BCthrough reconciliation to publication of a guideline. This includes a centralized %C3%9overview of all data %C3%A4ts and step-by-step instructions.

Edit certification type easily in the backend
The solution

» User-friendly web applications increase efficiency and can be easily adapted to changing processes. «

Christoph Spielmann, trinidat-Geschäftsführer

certification database:
trinidat also created the certification database as a web application. As part of an agile programming process, trinidat developed the database including a central address management and a overview of all current, pending and completed certifications. DGK employees, medical facilities and involved experts thus have access at all times to status information, new or changed legal requirements and upcoming tasks. And an automatic reminder function also ensures that the certification process runs quickly and error-free.

» User-friendly web applications increase efficiency and can be easily adapted to changing processes. «

Christoph Spielmann, trinidat-Geschäftsführer

Results Guideline Manager:

  • Standardized data sets and work steps reduce errors and facilitate the processing of guidelines

  • Configurable application that can be flexibly adapted to new processes

Results certification database:

  • 30 percent faster processing of certifications creates resources for new projects

  • Significant increase in the number of applications processed with the same number of employees

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