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Advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft technology
C# and .NET

C# and .NET are among the leading technologies in the field of software development. The following article describes how the two technologies differ and why they are virtually inseparable.

Software development with .NET

.NET” (pronounced dotnet) is Microsoft’s leading development platform. It is a collective term for various software platforms (so-called frameworks). Particularly worth mentioning are

Both the .NET framework and .NET Core consist of additional frameworks. Their main task is to make the functions of the operating system and other software components accessible to the application developer.

The .NET framework only runs under the Windows operating system. .NET Core is a free and open source version of the .NET framework, which is also available for Linux and MacOS.

.NET can be used to program both desktop and web applications for a wide range of platforms and devices.

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Programming with C#

“C#” is a programming language and is therefore suitable for coding programs with algorithms and data structures. These programs are usually created using the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment. Both Visual Studio and the programs created with C# require the .NET framework to run under Windows. MacOS and Linux require the .NET framework or .NET Core. Xamarin is an exception. Although this is also included in Visual Studio, it is particularly suitable for creating mobile apps. The program code created with Xamarin is translated into the native programming languages of iOS and Android and executed directly on the devices without the involvement of .NET.

While C# only contains a two-digit number of language elements, the .NET class library has several thousand elements (methods, functions, members, etc.). In order to program efficiently, good knowledge of C# and extensive knowledge of the class libraries to be used are required. In addition to C#, there are also other programming languages that can be used to develop software applications based on .NET technology. However, C# is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of C# and .NET for custom software?

Developing custom software with C# and .NET has many advantages. There is an almost inexhaustible supply of resources worldwide, i.e. literature, forums, training courses and programmers. This secures the investment in individually developed software. Even if a programmer or service provider drops out, it will still be possible to find a replacement in many years’ time.

C# and .NET were developed by Microsoft and are continuously developed further by Microsoft. There is therefore a solid company behind it that provides support for the products. Here, too, it is very likely that further development will be secured for many years to come.

Thanks to the development of Xamarin and .NET Core, the technologies are now available on all common platforms. It is suitable for the development of practically any type of business software. There are only two exceptions: C# and .NET are just as unsuitable for applications that are operated very close to the hardware, such as hardware drivers, as they are for applications that need to be executed in real time down to the millisecond.

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