Which is cheaper: standard or unique?

Cost of custom software.

It is in the nature of things that an individually programmed software optimally fits the processes within the commissioning company. After all, the software is developed specifically to simplify these processes. But what about the development costs compared to standard software?

Standard software versus individual software
A quick cost comparison.

The table below compares the costs of individual software with those of standard software. It is easy to see that with a two-year useful life, the individual software is already significantly cheaper from 35 users. And the more users use the software and the longer the period of use is, the larger the cost advantage of the individual software becomes.

Beside the pure programming also expenditures for the planning of the software project develop with the production of the individual software. Who would like to cover the costs, should absolutely provide a requirement profile and a realization concept in co-operation with a professional software house. This brings a solid basis for the expenditure estimation, the cost calculation, the resource planning and thus also for the completion of the software in time.

On the other hand, the costs after the completion of the software are low. Since the software has been tailor-made, practically no further customization is required. Training can also be correspondingly short, since attention is already paid to an intuitive workflow during conceptual design.

Vergleich der Kosten von Standard- und Individualsoftware

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