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Advantages and application purposes of custom software

What is custom software? Custom software is software that is created specifically for the client. There is this software only once and in exactly the characteristic desired by the client. The term “individual software” is therefore to be used synonymously with “individual software”, “individually programmed software” and “individually developed software”.

A software project often arises as a result of a formulated requirement. Such a requirement can arise from a new or changed business process, for example. However, individual software can also be a necessary component of a modernized or new product. Or an existing software is to be modernized or replaced by a new one.

As support for the field and office staff or as an interface to the customer
Possible uses of custom software

Since individual software is programmed especially for the client, the client receives the source code and the right to modify and distribute the software if the contract is structured accordingly. This means that the customer has an unlimited number of licenses to use the software and this for an unlimited period of use. For this reason, custom software is often less expensive than standard software.

An individually programmed software is supposed to support the business processes of the client and is often used within the company. However, there is also the case that the software is used by customers, suppliers or other business partners. More and more often, individually programmed software is also marketed as a component of a product. The bundle of software with hardware often results in independent, higher-value products. A typical example is the navigation software of a vehicle. However, there is also other hardware, such as digital valves, linear controls and pumps, which can be enhanced by commissioning software.

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