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Advantages of individually programmed web applications

At the beginning of a software project, a decision must be made about the choice of platform. Custom programming can be done as a desktop application, as a web application or as an app. The following article describes the advantages of an individually programmed web application.

Easier entry for the user

So the work has not the user of the application, but the software developer. A web server with Internet connection is required for execution. If the web application is installed on the web server, it can be used immediately. So, if an update of the program becomes necessary, it only needs to be done on the web server and is then immediately available to all users worldwide.

24 / 7
Worldwide availability

As long as it runs properly, a web application is available worldwide and around the clock. It can be used on all devices and all operating systems that have an Internet connection and a web browser. This includes desktop PCs, tablets, notebooks and smartphones. Since web applications are platform-independent, they work on Linux, macOS, and Windows. The following table contains some examples of web applications:

Name URL Brief description
Sunny Design https://www.sunnydesignweb.com/sdweb/#/


Design of inverters for solar systems.
Filmdienst Digital https://www.filmdienst.de/ Portal for cinema and film culture.
Item Motion Designer http://motiondesigner.item24.de/


Design of linear units.

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