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According to a ruling by the Federal Labor Court in September 2022, employers are obliged to fully document the working hours of all employees. Many medium-sized companies now have to invest in systems for recording working hours. With a precisely tailored software for time recording, the legal requirements can be met easily, quickly and inexpensively. Our best practice example shows how this works.

Home office, remote working, part-time and many other flexible working time models are standard in almost all companies. But since last fall, small companies and SMEs in particular have faced a new challenge: the legal obligation to fully record and document all working hours. However, meeting this requirement does not require a high level of investment. With software for time recording tailored to the respective company, all working hours can be recorded and legally compliant with little effort and manageable costs. The good thing about it: With an individual solution for time recording, other functions can also be linked. Whether availability, sick leave or vacation times – all this information can be effortlessly documented with the trinidat-timetracker.

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Working time recording software: how does it work?

How does the trinidat-timetracker work? The software developed by the programmers at trinidat works as simply as it does efficiently. Set up as a web application, all employees can access time tracking anywhere and at any time. In the office on the desktop, in the home office on the notebook or on the road via smartphone or tablet. Since the introduction of this handy tool, the morning routine for all employees looks like this:

  • Open time tracking, log in and click on “Start” with the start of work.
  • Then you can still select whether to work in the office or from the home office.

The web application has a number of choices that are conceivably easy to select with a mouse click. For a short coffee break, a click on “Short break” is enough, at lunchtime, a default field “Lunch break” is preset. If a doctor’s visit is necessary, the employee selects the “Sick/Doctor” item. The preset absence reasons not only make it easier for employees to record their time. They also give all other team members clear and up-to-date information about the status of their colleagues. At the end of the working day, all that follows is a click on the “End of work” button.

What are the advantages of time tracking software?

The trinidat-timetracker offers a variety of advantages. For example, all start and stop operations are stored in a database. With the data records, the software creates a complete log of the working times. But these are by far not all advantages. Among the extras, which are particularly useful for companies with up to 100 employees, is the status overview of all employees. In addition to the employee’s name, this overview also contains info on points:

  • Absent
  • Holiday
  • Day off
  • Holiday
  • Sick

In addition to the predefined status, employees can also enter individual reasons for absence. If a customer appointment is coming up or a longer break is taken, this can be easily entered in timetracker. This message center is particularly practical, because so all colleagues always know about the reason and duration of the absence.

Working time recording software with integrated resource planning

The working time models and the qualifications of all employees are stored in the time recording software. trinidat is a software development company and naturally employs mainly employees with programming qualifications. Complex configurations are also possible for the working time models, such as different weekly working times.

The trinidat-timetracker creates a report of the available programming capacity of each employee at the push of a button. This function facilitates resource planning enormously. The management, group and team leaders are always precisely informed about the available programming capacities. With deduction of the hours firmly scheduled for projects, the plannable programming capacity is calculated.

Interface to ticket system

At trinidat, all software projects are managed in the Redmine ticket system. There, the programmers book the hours worked for the subtasks on tickets. This results in the timesheets for billing. The trinidat-timetracker has an interface to Redmine and automatically compares the actual working time with the hours entered in Redmine. The advantage for the programmers is that they always have an exact overview of all hours worked in Redmine and a comparison with the actual working time. In this way, trinidat can ensure that all hours worked are also billed. For our customers, this fair billing mechanism creates additional trust, as only the exact programming hours ordered can be billed.

Working time software creates legal certainty and trust

Working time software creates legal certainty and trust

With trinidat-timetracker, trinidat has developed an application for recording working hours that is as easy to use as it is intelligent. For employees, HR management and the management, the software offers precisely tailored functions that make legally secure and transparent working time recording possible.

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