Product configurator: Software solutions for individualized products

Product configurator: software for individualized products

Individualization is one of the megatrends of this time. This is also reflected in the fact that consumers are interested in increasingly varied products. According to studies, around one in three has already tried out a product that can be personalized. A further almost 50 percent can imagine doing the same in the future. Whether it’s a fitted kitchen, a car or a PV system, many products are now configured by customers themselves. This is made possible by product configurators.

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What is a product configurator?

Product configurators are software solutions that enable customers or users of products to create an individualized product configuration from a wide range of variants and options. Since these applications not only bring benefits for the customer, but also advantages for sales, production and logistics, they are often referred to as quote configurators or planners.

In the case of a quotation configurator, the configuration is aimed at creating a quotation. Thus, industrial and retail companies use this variant to make their sales more efficient.

A planner is often used when it comes to arranging or combining products. A good example are furnishing planners, with which customers or retailers can individually plan kitchens, bathrooms or gardens, usually with a 3D view, before purchase. If the planner also offers the option of configuring individual pieces of furniture separately, however, the term product configurator is more appropriate here.

Advantages of a product configurator

First and foremost, product configurations are a helpful tool for sales and marketing. Today, a large part of the buying process takes place online. This starts with product research, continues with the selection of the supplier, and ends with individual product selection and customization. Product configurators help companies stand out from the competition and offer a customer journey that is consistently geared to customer needs. For customers, a product configurator offers an individual shopping experience in which, thanks to guided selling, not only can products be put together around the clock, but also error-free and customized products. Product configurators are therefore helpful for both companies and customers and are therefore a popular software asset for many industries.

Advantages for companies and customers

Advantages for companies and customers 1

Around the clock: For products available online from the B2C and B2B segments, the configurator is available to customers 24/7 – regardless of opening hours or the availability of a customer service department.


Advantages for companies and customers 2

More efficient business processes: Good product configurators have interfaces to production and logistics. This means that the configurations entered by the customer go directly to production. At the same time, quoting is made easier for sales. Data entry errors are also avoided, as all product calculations are already fed into the software.


Advantages for companies and customers 3

Increase in sales: The guided selection and purchase process offers the opportunity for cross-selling and upselling already during configuration by the customer. At the same time, a product configurator can also target customers around the world, allowing companies to reach new markets and industries


Advantages for companies and customers 4

Visual marketing of complex products: Easy selection and an appealing 3D simulation for complex products with many variations ensure higher customer satisfaction. In this way, customers are accompanied through the entire purchasing process and already find out during configuration whether the product is technically possible and available.

Advantages for companies and customers 5

Product configurators ensure that customers stay longer on the company website. For car manufacturers, customizable products are already expected by many customers. For B2B companies, product configurators can create a real competitive advantage. Like SMA’s Product Configurator Sunny Design, which allows specialty retailers to precisely plan PV systems. 

Advantages for companies and customers 6

Satisfied customers: The individual configuration of the desired product leads to more customer satisfaction also by avoiding disappointments in the purchase process. After all, the customer sees directly how the final price is made up. In addition, the product configurator immediately reports possible errors in the product configuration.


Have configurators developed

Have configurators developed

Would you like to optimize your business processes and sustainably increase your customers’ satisfaction? trinidat has been designing and programming online product configurators precisely according to individual requirements for many years. Especially for the marketing of complex industrial products in the B2B segment, the software developers at trinidat have extensive experience and a number of unique reference projects.

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