What is PIM software?

In which cases do companies need a customized PIM system?
What is PIM software?

Today, customers no longer buy in a linear fashion. During the so-called customer journey, they use various channels and touchpoints to find out about the brand and the product and to compare offers. Companies advertise and sell their products accordingly on different platforms. A PIM (Product Information Management) system helps to present all product information adequately and consistently on all channels at all times. PIM software is particularly useful for brands that offer a wide range of products and use many sales channels.

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What is PIM software?

PIM software helps companies manage their product information efficiently and provide it consistently across all sales channels. This means that all important item data, such as prices, product descriptions, technical details, images and videos, remain consistent and up-to-date at all times across all sales channels. This improved product data quality leads to greater efficiency in e-commerce, marketing and sales.

Less work in article data maintenance, simpler adjustments to prices and availability, and uniform product data for international sales locations were also the goals of billerbeck Betten-Union GmbH & Co. KG. The company is the market leader in the bedding sector in Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. Previously, billerbeck used various standard software solutions for product data management of its extensive product range. However, these no longer matched the requirements and processes and were poorly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. The result was additional work and unnecessary costs in maintaining the article data. trinidat developed an individual PIM system for billerbeck as a web application that provides features tailored precisely to the company’s needs.

Where is PIM software used?

Companies in different industries can benefit from an individual PIM system. Especially if they offer products and services on different sales channels.

  • With a PIM software, all important product information is managed centrally and remains up-to-date and correct.
  • Erroneous product descriptions and inconsistent item data are avoided thanks to the PIM.
  • With PIM software, product information is provided centrally for different sales channels and formats. In this way, article data remains consistent in the online store, print catalogs and other sales platforms.
  • PIM software can be integrated into existing systems. These include e-commerce platforms, ERP systems and marketing tools. This improves data exchange and efficiency in maintaining product data.
  • Companies that offer their products across countries benefit from software features that enable localization and translation of product information.

What are the advantages of PIM software?

For bedding specialist billerbeck, the introduction of the customized PIM system had a number of advantages. For example, a workflow system developed by trinidat makes data processing child’s play and supports every step in product data maintenance – from the creation of an article, to the correct completion of all product data and prices, to publication in the company’s own store system and in stores of partner companies. Thanks to the automated connection to an online translation service, all product information can be created in multiple languages at the same time.

PIM software saves time and resources in that manual management of product information in different channels and formats is avoided. The central management of item data ensures cost efficiency and is also the basis for a consistent customer experience. After all, customers expect correct and up-to-date product information – at all times on all channels and devices.

When do companies need customized PIM software?

When do companies need customized PIM software?

There is a whole range of ready-made standard solutions for managing product information. In many cases, however, the functions they contain are not sufficient to meet the specific requirements of companies. The billerbeck company also initially relied on an ERP system that quickly no longer met the company’s requirements. Various PIM systems as standard software did not fit billerbeck’s specific workflows and were simply too costly. Any necessary customizing of the applications would have led to unnecessary costs and additional work. The standard solutions also did not include the necessary multilingualism and an agile calculation module. With a custom-developed PIM solution, billerbeck now has exactly the functions and features the company needs for its business processes.

For which companies are custom PIM systems suitable?

In general, PIM software is recommended for manufacturers, suppliers and brand providers who want to make a large amount of product data available to customers and retailers. Companies that want to optimize their omnichannel management and thus push sales and customer satisfaction should choose a custom-developed PIM software. This is particularly important if the PIM system is to meet the company’s exact requirements and grow with the company and its processes in the long term.

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