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This is what the terms website, homepage and web application mean
What exactly is a homepage? Is it the same as a website?

What exactly is a homepage? Is it the same as a website?

If you’re wondering why there are so many terms for what may be the same thing, you’re not alone, but you’ve come to the right place:

This article compares the terms and shows what the terms website, homepage and web application mean.

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The homepage: an online presence

The digital corporate presence of an organization or company is called a homepage. In addition, some private individuals operate such a web presence. A homepage consists of several web pages. However, the word website without an e is English for the web presence as a whole. Every web presence has a home page and some people call this first “home page” their homepage.

Other main components of a website are:

  • Contact page
  • Privacy policy
  • Imprint
  • About us page
  • Presentation of services and areas of activity
  • Subpage showing advantages of the provider

A company presence on the Internet is advertising – as is the case with the currently displayed website ““. As a rule, a homepage can be used anonymously, i.e. without user registration.

Web application

In contrast to the web presence, which is primarily to be viewed passively, one becomes active in a web application. It is a software to support workflows in the context of digitalization. Therefore, it consists of:

  • the input and processing of data,
  • the output and visual preparation of data,
  • the evaluation of data in reports and
  • the possibility of import and export.

To use a web application, you usually need to authenticate, that is, log in with a username and password. Some web applications can be used anonymously and then offer a reduced scope of services. Examples of web applications created by the trinidat are Sunny Design and the Item Motion Designer

Possible occasions to have a web application developed are:

  • Modernization of an old software application: have a desktop application rebuilt to take advantage of web applications
  • Need for a business process optimization application used primarily by employees
  • The company’s customers and prospects should use a digital product, such as a web store, design software, or configurator

For the definition of a web page

When we talk about a web page, we are talking about a single page. This is part of a web application or a home page. An example is the page with this wiki article that you are viewing. Each web page has a specific URL, which is the address that is displayed in the corresponding browser field. On a web page, there can be text, images, and occasionally active content (such as animations or audio files). A web page consists of HTML code. This is written by the web developer or web editing software and defines how the elements of a web page are to be displayed and arranged.

To use a home page or web application, you need:

  • a device: PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone,
  • a web browser,
  • the URL of a web page (e.g. home page of a homepage) and
  • perhaps the login credentials, if it is a protected website.
Have a web application developed

Have a web application developed

If you have any questions about website or app programming, we will be happy to help you.

The team at trinidat has many years of experience in creating individual software. This includes web applications as well as desktop programs. Feel free to contact us and let us advise you!

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