Digitization through cloud applications

The extra push for digital transformation
Drivers of digitization

Drivers of digitization

Location-independent working, automatic synchronization and never again data loss due to computer crashes – all thanks to the cloud. For companies, a cloud application offers a whole range of advantages. So it’s no wonder that the cloud is becoming a driver of digitization.

trinidat Managing Director Manfred Hoffbauer explains how cloud technology can further the digital transformation of (medium-sized) companies.

What exactly is meant by cloud?

Cloud” is basically the infrastructure for shared computing resources. This consists of servers, storage capacity, operating systems, etc. Hosting of this infrastructure takes place in data centers or server farms.

However, the music plays with the cloud services, i.e. services that are provided via the cloud infrastructure. Basically, these are simply web applications that can be used immediately due to their availability via the Internet. A prominent example is Microsoft 365, which includes services for e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets, as well as collaboration tools such as SharePoint and Teams. Cloud services enable users to work independently of location and device.

Cloud services are not only available for standard applications such as Microsoft 365. Customized software for companies can also be developed as cloud applications.

The big advantage is the fast and secure availability, because such an individually developed cloud application is practically available worldwide at the push of a button. Other advantages of hosting on a cloud infrastructure include:

  • The customer does not need its own servers.
  • The servers are operated by the cloud infrastructure provider. Among other things, this provider also takes care of the Internet connection, backups, emergency generators, a fast Internet connection, and recovery.
  • If required, the infrastructure is scalable. If necessary, storage and/or processor capacity can be purchased with a few clicks.
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More and more companies are turning to the cloud. What are the major advantages of cloud technology?

With the cloud, a company can offer its digital services worldwide. The advantage of hosting in the cloud is that at market launch, the digital product can initially be operated on a low-cost infrastructure. Since the cloud infrastructure is scalable, it can grow as requirements or user numbers increase.

Hosting in the cloud provides a whole range of other advantages, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. As a rule, companies using cloud services benefit from a faster Internet connection and high availability of the cloud infrastructure, worldwide and around the clock. Recovery times are also significantly reduced.

What cloud strategy should be pursued to make the most of the cloud's benefits?

In principle, a company should make as many digital services as possible available via the cloud. This makes it possible to reach a very large number of customers and – in the case of internal applications – also the company’s own employees with comparatively little effort. Operating a software as a cloud application has numerous advantages compared to desktop applications or mobile apps:

  • The operation is cost-effective.
  • The program code of the cloud application is located in a protected area on the server. It cannot be disassembled, for example.
  • Cloud applications are device-independent and available worldwide. Customers and employees can collaborate effortlessly remotely from the home office using a PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Updates are only necessary on the server and therefore less costly and error-prone.
What cloud strategy should be pursued to make the most of the cloud

How can sensitive data be protected in the cloud?

The well-known cloud providers such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon take numerous security precautions. They have experts who protect the services offered against attacks. For example, operating system updates are reliably applied, there is active virus protection, and the experts monitor whether the infrastructure is under attack from outside.

When trinidat develops individual software as a cloud application, we make sure right from the design stage that all important security precautions are taken against attacks. These include common procedures such as password-protected access and 2-factor authentication or double opt-in. In addition, data transmission is secured against unauthorized access using SSL encryption. In addition, access authorizations should be controlled via defined users and roles. Closing security gaps in database queries, for example through SQL injection, is also part of protecting the cloud application.

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How can companies avoid becoming too dependent on one cloud provider?

On the one hand, a cloud application should be able to be hosted within a cloud infrastructure. On the other hand, however, as few services and technologies as possible should be used that are only available on this infrastructure. Example: If you develop a web application using C# and ASP.Net MVC, it can be hosted on virtually any server running the .NET Framework. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cloud providers for this technology.

To what extent does cloud technology promote other digital developments?

Let’s take a look at the alternative to cloud computing. The alternative is to establish a transparent LAN connection via VPN. In this case, the applications can then be operated via remote desktop on a PC in the company. Or the applications are installed on the local notebook and only access the data via VPN. In both cases, there are numerous technologies involved that must function properly.

With a cloud application, all that’s required is an Internet connection and a browser, and you’re ready to go. So from the home office, all that is needed is a connection to the Internet and no VPN connection to the company. Since cloud applications are accessible via the Internet, this technology has a very high availability.

The cloud also makes software development less dependent on hardware. Companies are no longer dependent on their own physically existing data centers and their administrators, but can purchase what is required as a virtual service. This makes the introduction and operation of web applications much easier. There are still many outdated desktop applications that play an important role in corporate processes but are no longer state of the art. The necessary modernization measures are likely to be accelerated or even made possible by cloud technology. The cloud therefore acts as a kind of catalyst for digitization projects.

Manfred Hoffbauer, Managing Director

Manfred Hoffbauer, Managing Director

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