Prepare IT project

How to save your IT budget with good preparation

How to save your IT budget with good preparation

IT projects quickly run into money – especially if they are not properly prepared. Save yourself unnecessary costs and spare your nerves with good preparation of your IT project. We give you tips and tricks on how to keep your software project on budget, get it done quickly and meet your quality requirements.

Digital transformation is encompassing more and more business areas. Central to the digital transformation of companies is a suitable IT infrastructure. Only with a well-positioned corporate IT can business processes be adapted to current and future digital requirements. But beware! Many urgent and important IT projects quickly get out of hand. If the goals and requirements of the project are blurred, software development becomes unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming.

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Prepare IT project: Start-up phase

You have defined your project in-house, set a budget and selected a software developer. The programmers get to work and soon you are enjoying brand new software. So much for the beautiful theory. In practice, it takes more precise preparation to keep your IT project on budget.

Record your requirements for the software to be developed as detailed and comprehensive as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you draw up a Word document or put together a presentation for this purpose.

The main thing is to provide the software developer with a written document that describes exactly what you expect from the software. By the way: This does not always require an extensive specification sheet. Even a brief summary is usually sufficient for the initial phase of the IT project.

Tip: Our software consultants will be happy to help you compile the most important requirements and give you tips on how to approach your IT project in the best possible way.

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What should the software be able to do?

You can divide the requirements profile for your IT project into two areas: the functional and the non-functional processes.

The core of the functional requirements is the question: What should the software do? In the first step, it is sufficient if you roughly describe what the application is to do in concrete terms. Should invoices be created automatically? Is it about linking sales processes to production workflows? Or should a desktop application be reprogrammed into a flexible web application or app? It is important to describe the current status and existing problems. If your accounting system is inefficient, show the software developer as concretely as possible how your company currently accounts. You should also describe any special features of your invoicing as precisely as possible. For this purpose, you are welcome to provide the IT service provider with files from your previous processes. The next step is to define the first rough objectives: How do you want to change the processes? What functions should the new software have? This information helps to create a viable implementation concept for your IT project.

How should the software be used?

Once the software development goal is clearly outlined, it’s time to move on to the non-functional processes. The more precisely you describe these requirements, the easier you make it for the development team to program exactly the software that will help you. Because, regardless of whether IT project management is set up classically or agilely: If the framework conditions are clear, development goes faster, cheaper and more smoothly.

How should the software be used?

The following questions should ideally be answered before the start of your IT project:

  • Who and how many users are to work with the software?
  • Do all users get the same access rights or are there classifications?
  • Does your company have specific IT policies for security and privacy?
  • Is there a corporate design that should be followed on the user interface?
  • .

  • Should the application run on your servers or on external servers?
  • Are there any special requirements from your IT department that must be met?
  • How is the IT project team set up? Is there a project management team?
From the requirement to the concept

From the requirement to the concept

If you have described the requirements for the software and the general conditions in concrete terms, the software service provider can get to work on the implementation concept quickly and without unnecessary coordination loops. The concept shows exactly which functions and features the software will have and shows in wireframes and mock-ups how the application will look later. This is exactly the prerequisite for guaranteeing that your IT project stays “in time, in quality & in budget”.

Christoph Spielmann, trinidat Managing Director

Christoph Spielmann, trinidat Managing Director

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