Specifications sheet

The specifications describe the requirements for new software
Specifications sheet

If new software is to be created, the finished software is preceded by a long process, at the beginning of which is the requirements specification (also called requirements profile).

In it, the customer records in writing what his requirements are with regard to the new application. The requirements specification describes the totality of these requirements for the contractor and thus the desired scope of services.

In many cases, it also documents framework conditions and requirements from the user’s point of view for the new system. This describes what and where something is required.

What is the difference between specifications and requirements?

How does the specification differ from the specification? Although they sound similar, these are different documents. While the requirements specification sets out the customer’s requirements, the functional specification contains the realization specifications developed by the contractor based on the requirements specification provided by the customer. It concretizes the requirements and boundary conditions in the form of a procedure for how these requirements are to be implemented.

In general terms, it can be said that the requirements specification sets out the problems and the functional specification contains one or more suitable solutions.

An example of a requirement contained in the specifications is:

The user should be able to make a booking with the application, after specifying the travel dates the three cheapest offers in this period should be displayed.


Advantages of the specifications

The thoughts that the individual stakeholders have formed are already concretized during the creation of the specifications. The creation of the specifications leads to an exchange of ideas and the first diversity in the ideas already comes to light. Here, “thinking errors” and inconsistencies can already be uncovered about which different stakeholders do not yet agree.

A requirements specification has no specifications in its form. The requirements can be expressed in natural language, but also by conceptual models. The level of detail of these can vary greatly. But the more detailed a specification is, the clearer the contractor knows what is expected of him. If general conditions are also formulated, there is less room for “silent” false assumptions. Since the contractor often has less domain knowledge about the industry than the client, it is advisable for the client to use his knowledge of

  • the current situation,
  • the problem to be solved,
  • its requirements and
  • the acceptance requirements of the product
  • .

sets out as differentiated as possible.

If the client communicates his needs right at the beginning, this prevents errors; as the project progresses, the effort to correct such errors becomes greater. The requirements specification thus ensures time and cost savings and increased efficiency of software development.



The requirements specification is the basis on which all further steps in the software project are built. Once the what has been clarified, you no longer have to worry about the how of implementation. If you still need to decide on a contractor, you can also use the specifications to compare providers.

If it is a larger project, the requirements specification can also exist in several versions. In this case, it is important that all parties involved work with the current version and that, for example, it is noted in the requirements specification which version of the requirements specification it refers to.

Regardless of whether you have already created a finished requirements specification or are developing it in cooperation with the contractor, the document offers many advantages and leads overall to an efficient procedure – right from the start.

Do you need help with the creation of the specifications?

We recommend thinking about the requirements for an individual software in advance. We will be happy to support you with a free initial consultation. Call us and tell us your wishes regarding the new software. If required, we will gladly take over the creation of the specification sheet for you as well as the coordination with the specialist departments.

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