Software for promising products in medium-sized businesses

Digitization through smart products

You need software, software and software!
What exactly does digitization mean?

Digitization generally refers to the transformation of the analog into the digital. There are numerous interpretations, studies and instructions for action on this subject. In medium-sized companies, a distinction should be made between digitizing business processes and products. In the one case, it is about increasing the efficiency of processes within the organization. In the other case, it is about the competitiveness of the products.

But where do you get the software for digitization?
You have the successful products!

Particularly in Germany, there are many medium-sized companies with outstanding capabilities. Sensationally good products are in use worldwide. But the competition does not sleep. Asian companies in particular have specialized in replicating the products. A real competitive advantage can only be achieved through software components. But in this innovative market, traditional companies have little expertise and they should therefore work with an experienced software house.
The requirements for this software are also becoming more and more demanding. It must be easy to use and it must provide an increasing amount of engineering knowledge. For example, software for commissioning linear units should ensure compliance with electrical and mechanical limits. Otherwise, there would be a risk of destruction of the linear unit being commissioned or even injury to the user.
Many medium-sized companies have an IT department, but it is busy maintaining business operations and existing IT projects. They can’t handle the additional demands of digitization, whether it’s optimizing business processes or improving internal products. You need a qualified service provider who has experience not only in software development, but also in creating digital products.

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